Find the right space ✅
Partner with the best coffee roaster ✅
Hire a manager who will dedicate themselves to making CoffeeBar your new favorite place for coffee ✅

We are so excited to introduce Paige Alban as CoffeeBar’s Manager and first employee!

We would love for everyone to get to know this smiling and friendly face who is ready to serve you as soon as our doors open.

About Paige

I worked at Coffee Coffee from 2015-2019 and learned to really love coffee there. I worked at Yoga Centric for a year and Games Club for a few months before it slowed down due to COVID. At all three places, I grew to develop a love of community and getting to know people and their daily routine. I’ve been working in the industry since I was 15 years old. I have learned so much about the art of coffee and how you make it and I developed a deeper sense of appreciation for something that some may view as a simple cup of coffee. I have spent a lot of time talking to people and serving others and it has helped me grow a love for getting to know others through daily tasks and to really see and honor good service and how to treat people.I am so excited for the responsibility and creative freedom with my new role! This is my first real management position and it is so exciting to learn from the best people in leadership roles! I cannot wait for the shop to be open and to start learning my regulars and the community as a whole. I really think we will be able to draw the community together and create a place of love and welcoming warmth! – I love to practice yoga- I am reading 100 books this year (currently on 24)- My favorite drink is a vanilla latte with soy milk- I danced for 15 years of my life and performed in shows.